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Almost 90,000 Amateur Performers

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ImLive claims to have more than 88,000 amateur performers registered on their site which is huge to say the least. There are literally thousands online at any given time. That is thousands of exhibitionists, meaning these are people who enjoy getting naked for you, as a complete stranger to watch. In fact they get off on it.

Why do I emphasise that so much? Because it seems that most people don’t pay enough attention to that and may withhold requests to do certain things for them or include certain things in the performances, while it should be the absolute other way around. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask and remember to give praise.

Exhibitionists enjoy the attention and as long as you provide that attention they want to give you more because it gives them more. It’s not a matter of playing performers at all, you’re not taking advantage of anyone. You want more and they want to give more under the right circumstances. it’s about knowing what those circumstances are and utilising it.

Why not just get free credits to Imlive and try it for yourself?

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