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No Shame in Joining a Sex Hook Up Site

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A lot of guys roll their eyes when they hear their buddies joined sex hook up sites. Many guys think dudes that do this are desperate. They think at the back of their minds that the dude is a loser. They think that they only way you can hook up is if you actually go to a dance club or a singles’ bar.


The problem with that is not everybody’s personality and mindset is set up so they can thrive in such a situation. Many people are turned off and put off by such meat markets. In many cases, many guys are intimidated by this huge amount of social pressure they feel in such close spaces. This is why it’s really unfair to think that there is something wrong with you or your friend if either of you is uncomfortable in areas where people traditionally get dates.  Talk about outdated.


The reality is actually the opposite. According to recent studies and surveys, most guys hook up online. That’s right, using mobile dating apps like Tinder or adult dating sites, most guys get pussy online. So, there’s really nothing wrong with joining a sex hook up site. The problem is the other side of the equation which is people thinking that just because you joined such a website, you are a guaranteed success. If you don’t hook up rapidly and frequently like a pimp then there is something wrong with you. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?


You’re still getting pressure. You’re still being made to feel like a loser but from a different perspective. Both these are problematic because there’s no need to operate out of shame. Everybody has different ways of doing things. Everybody has different timelines. Some people pick up very quickly. Others take their time. What’s important is you keep trying.


Don’t think that just because you don’t hit the ball right out of the park the first time you swing that baseball bat that means that you are a loser at baseball. Of course, you realize how ridiculous that is. Similarly, just because you don’t sink that shot the first time you aim at the ring doesn’t mean you suck at basketball. Keep this in mind. Everybody has their own pace and what’s important is you’re learning along the way. Some people are late bloomers. That’s just the way the game is.

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