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You Want Me To Watch

Webcams are like regular porn. There’s no set, directors or editors. It’s just regular ordinary people that love sex and love it when people watch. You see there are two types of people. Those that get off on watching other people, and the people that get turned on by other people watching them. I’m a watcher. Always have been.

That’s why webcams are perfect for me. CamBB is the only site I go to for this. They have the best selection of categories for me to choose from and the hottest people. Lately I’ve been on a kick with watching couples. I like that they aren’t porn stars. Their inexperience with the camera adds to the erotica. Go to knee_ling Chaturbate and see what I’m talking about. There’s something extremely alluring about couples these people letting you get a glimpse into their homes and how they like to have sex. I’ve been to a lot of sites and haven’t found anything else that can even compare. Check it out and see for yourself.

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Girls in Slutty Halloween Costumes

When summer ends, I am always sad to say good bye to the bikinis, tank tops, and short shorts that the girls around here wear. Then Halloween comes and life is good again as chicks parade around town in slutty costumes. A lot of the places I go to locally have employees who dress up all month long. Sometimes, they have hot girls working there that finally get to show off their shape and not get in trouble for it. I love this time of year!

Cam sites are starting to get a lot of girls in costume too. More costumes than usual. These are the babes that love to roleplay, and for the right price, they will striptease right out of their Halloween costumes and fuck themselves while you watch. I don’t think the cashiers and waitresses at my local haunts will do that for me.

Check out this ImLive review and then head in to see the cams and which costumes girls are sexualizing this year. All hail Halloween!

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Let’s Give Them A Show

When you’re watching porn you know that it’s shot by professional photographers. Shot on sets that are designed by a crew and the stars of the show are porn stars. People that have been in the business and are experienced in front of the camera. I have a ton of respect for all the people involved in making a good porn. From the porn stars to the editors they all serve a purpose and do their jobs extremely well.

Personally I prefer to watch everyday, ordinary people getting it on. There’s just some extremely erotic for me knowing they’re actual couples that just get off on people watching them fuck. It’s like looking in a window and watching, only the people know about it and welcome you. In fact it adds to the excitement for them. Click here for a list of live sex webcams and enjoy all the lovely people that want you to see them get their enjoyment. Watch as many couples as you like and be as interactive as you want.

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Ass loving girls experimenting on these anal cams

I knew these anal sex cams were going to be good, you want to know why? sadly I can’t tell the future but I did watch them almost all night long. The sheer variety of girls and the fact that they all loved having anal sex on cam really was what did it for me the most. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out when a girl is worked up, make sure that you always take full advantage when she is.

Watching these girls toying their asses with a huge toy really hit the sweet spot. You could clearly hear them moaning on webcam and right away that told me just how much they were loving every moment. The more I watched the more that I wished it was me pounding them deep. At least we can take solace in the fact that without guys like us watching them, that ass pounding action wouldn’t be as close to being so darn good!

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Couples That Play Together, Stay Together

Everyone likes watching hot porn stars fuck each other, but have you ever tried watching a cam couple? It’s a whole different kind of porn. I find it more erotic because it’s so personal. No sets for their sex, they welcome us into their homes.

You can chat with couples live on Get in on the action. Be the director of their little trist. Tell him where you want him to touch her. Let her know what you want to be able to see. Listen as they get more and more passionate. It turns them on having you watch but that isn’t enough for these couples. They want interaction. They want to be able to hear you getting into it too. That’s what really gets them going. Give them tips on how to make one another reach better climax. Live through these couples as you call the shots.

You can be the quiet type if you like and just watch these couples do what they love to do. Please one another for your viewing pleasure.


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Cool Webcam Deals With Awesome Benefits

Webcams are a thing now. Each day, more and more people choose live cam shows as their main source of adult entertainment. It’s understandable; they all want to jerk off to real girls rather than scripted scenes. Feels more personal that way. There’s a real proximity. You can chat with a hot chick while she plays with her titties and fingers her snatch in real time. Can’t beat that.

I found a whole bunch of awesome webcam discounts here that I think you might like. You can choose from a long list of websites offering live sex chat for a special price. If you’re into men instead of women (or if you like both), don’t sweat it; most (if not all) of these websites offer a wide range of options. You’ll be able to jerk off to hunks, studs, twinks, and there are plenty of shemale models too. 

In addition to sexual orientation, these webcam sites also offer shows featuring many different fetishes. You’ll find Asian chicks, chunky ladies, redheads, big titty girls, small titty girls… you name it. You can also watch real couples having sex for the camera. Makes sense that everybody’s switching to live cam shows.








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Turn Up the Heat in Your Cam Shows

There are tons of hot babes online right now waiting to talk to you. These ladies will quickly become your new best friends, as they allow you into their lives, especially their bedrooms!

You’ll see tons of women who are stripping off every article of their clothing to reveal to you their hot bodies. You will see them run their hands all over themselves, caressing their breasts, and playing with their sweet pussies until they climax live on cam!

Of course just what the lady does will be up to her, and to you in a way! Many of these sluts are trying to earn extra cash, and  you can tip them to help encourage them to be even more racy!

With this deal, you’ll start off with site tokens that you can use to turn up the heat in your interactions! There are free chats available, but I have definitely found that just spending a little goes a long way with most of these girls and they become putty in your hand!


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Sexy cams and babes live at Sky Sex Chat

You can deny it as much as you like, but I know that you love Sky Sex Chat just as much as I do. Where else can you get direct sex talk from with such smoking hot girls? these babes also seem to have all the time in the world for you as well, for me that really does make all the difference.

If there’s one thing that really does get my blood pumping it’s a foxy chick that has a passion for giving men all the action that they need. Not only is this a huge turn on, you also get satisfaction knowing that the girl is having just as much fun as you are.

I’ve got one such babe that’s ready for a few rounds of adult sex talk. I’m thinking that we should all join her room and show this babe a thing or two. Sounds like a plan to me so I hope I’ll see you guys there, thanks for being a bro and looking out for us guys!

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A Few Fun Opinions

Sometimes I enjoy speculating. See if you agree with me:

Let’s start with the obvious here: It’s not Christmas time, despite me chooing a pic of a gorgeous women wearing an elve’s Christmas hat.

It is because of this insane Cherry Pimps 57% off discount with free weekly cams that makes it feel like we’re right back in the festive season.

Now the less obvious: The male in the pic has not been to a gym for even longer than his body last felt sunlight.

That coupled with the fact that he is using a condom when no other male model showcased by this network does, as well as his face being edited out of the frame tells you that he is a staff member of the network and not a regular actor. He’s abusing his position to fuck a chick that he’d otherwise never be able to.

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Cherry Pimps & More Live Sex Cam Shows

Did you know that some porn companies are now pairing up their professionals with live webcams to do some amazing, unscripted shows? Members of hot porn companies like Cherry Pimps can now interact live with their favorite porn stars! Here’s where you can check out these amazing websites offering up live sex shows: Cherry Pimps is one of the best places to find your favorite stars like Aaliyah Love, Cherie DeVille, Dillion Harper, Heather Vahn, Megan Rain, the Starr sisters and many more!

Still, you can find several sites offering up their stars and many more sites offering up their amateurs, if you prefer undiscovered sex kittens throwing off their clothes and sharing the goodies live on cam for you. Many are going for 50% off full price, or even have completely free sign-up with some bonus tokens to get you started. Some come packaged within a network offering up hot porn videos and pictures. Have a look around for yourself and grab one of these hot deals for yourself today!

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