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The Real Deal

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I can see why so many people watch porn. I get it. I’ve just never liked the fact that it’s as fake as wrestling. There are teams of people making the performers look good. They’re given scripts and told what to do and say, so none of it is authentic. Hell, half the time it’s obvious the orgasms aren’t even real. Not only that, but it doesn’t do anything to help with the loneliness. I can close my eyes and come up with something to jack off too. I miss interacting with people and having a personal connection. 

A friend suggested I head to and see how I felt about webcams. Right away I was surprised by the number of performers and the diversity. You could even find Chaturbate female cams without ever leaving the site. The first model I zeroed in on was neon_felix. At first, I just sat back and watched the show to see what it was all about. Eventually, I started chatting and flirting with her and fell head over heels in lust. Webcams are without a doubt my new favorite form of sexual entertainment and is where I go for the very best.

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