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You Want Me To Watch

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Webcams are like regular porn. There’s no set, directors or editors. It’s just regular ordinary people that love sex and love it when people watch. You see there are two types of people. Those that get off on watching other people, and the people that get turned on by other people watching them. I’m a watcher. Always have been.

That’s why webcams are perfect for me. CamBB is the only site I go to for this. They have the best selection of categories for me to choose from and the hottest people. Lately I’ve been on a kick with watching couples. I like that they aren’t porn stars. Their inexperience with the camera adds to the erotica. Go to knee_ling Chaturbate and see what I’m talking about. There’s something extremely alluring about couples these people letting you get a glimpse into their homes and how they like to have sex. I’ve been to a lot of sites and haven’t found anything else that can even compare. Check it out and see for yourself.

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